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Made it back home safe and sound. Such a long flight. I slept on it mostly. ^-^ I went to visit Kiana yesterday. Ah! It was so good to see her again! She almost broke my body with how tightly she hugged me. She is still as lovely as she looked when I last saw her. ^-^

I say hello to you Helayne! Since Kiana said you said hello to me. =)

Wow! My mom near flipped when she saw my hair when I got home. It's a very light blonde. Not like Roentgen Hyde blonde. No no! Way too light for me. ^-^ More like the picture of Hyde, Kiana posted. Like that color. Or maybe like the picture in this post. Ah, I just felt like I wanted a change so I dyed it recently before coming back home and got a nice cut for it too. My mom didn't recognise me at first! It was so good to see and hug her. And my old room! I missed it a lot more then I thought I did and still looks all the same like I left it.

It's nice to be back home. Very tired, but still nice. Goodnight everyone!


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    Back in Japan. This time with a friend. Jazmine. =) Such a long flight, it always is. But it's nice to see my relatives again. I am going to show…

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    I won first place! ^-^

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