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I should be asleep! But I can't seem to. So I am up and watching some of L'Arcs lives. I hear Kiana may be considering to teach ESL overseas in Japan or China! Good luck if you are planning to go into that field, Kiana. I hope you will get to travel to Japan and don't be scared of the needles. There are not many to get and last for a few years so you won't have to worry about them for quite some time.

L'Arc in USA DVD comes out next month. Are you all excited that ordered it and went to the concert? I hope it will be interesting since I heard they did not (at first) intend to release it. And now a possible live in China next year? L'Arc is really getting around, huh? That's so good for them! If only Gackt would do the same and not just restrict it to dears members, right silverwinged? ^-^

For Kiana because I know she likes hytsu. ^-^


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    Back in Japan. This time with a friend. Jazmine. =) Such a long flight, it always is. But it's nice to see my relatives again. I am going to show…

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    I won first place! ^-^

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