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Back in Japan. This time with a friend. Jazmine. =) Such a long flight, it always is. But it's nice to see my relatives again. I am going to show Jazmine around a little since this is her first time being here. I hope it doesn't overwhelm her too much. ^-^ She says 'hi' to Kiana and hopes Kiana will get to see Hyde on the webcam sometime in the future.

Oh, before I forget. Kiana you wanted help with some writing in that entry with the webcam? I think this is what you want (see below)


I hope that's right. ^-^ It should be! I have to get going now. I have to show Jazmine around and need to catch up on my rest. I hope you are all doing ok!


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    I won first place! ^-^

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    I should be asleep! But I can't seem to. So I am up and watching some of L'Arcs lives. I hear Kiana may be considering to teach ESL overseas in…

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